Pie​-​eyed in the hills

by The Shorty Tubbs

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Our final recordings under the Tubbs name.


released October 13, 2015

Lyrics: Mack Brockton
Music: Shorty Tubbs

Recorded and mixed by Chris MacLean at All in the Mind.
Mastered by Corey Bonnevie.
Produced by Chris MacLean and Shorty Tubbs.

Click on individual tracks for individual track credits.

Fancy Free appears courtesy of Rotten Ronnie n' Rum Records.




The Shorty Tubbs Fredericton, New Brunswick

An indie-rock, post-modern take on popular music from the past two centuries and counting, Shorty Tubbs straddles the universe like a colossus in short shorts. Looking for a descriptor with bite? Think sonic Doritos: oh so crunchy, practically too tasty, probably not good for you – but you don’t care. ... more

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Track Name: Soap Party
I dream of the night when I crawl through your bedroom window on tip-toe
Shuffle along the mahogany floor all in slow-mo - keep the lights low.
Creep up to the foot of your bed, wiggle your heal and whisper:
"Ed, here's a hand's-on tutorial about getting along.
Here's a soaped-up socktorial about coming on too strong.

Well there's more than one way to clear your chakrik blocks:
Soap in a sock.
But there's one sure way to sanitize the shock:
Soap in, soap in, soap in a sock will clean Eddie's clock.

Were you aping techniques from an instructional video viewed in a rented room?
Will you look back upon this long night as the highlight of your life as a rent-a-goon?
There's a smudge on your judgement. Might I scrub it away with a sigh
of a soaped-up socktorial you've had coming on for so long?
All hand's on deck, Eddie's checking out with a twist and a shout.

C'mon block, Eddie, block.
Track Name: Creeping Dawn
There is so much for you to give
But you spend your time alone.
Your luck is supernatural -
What could that ever mean?
Do you traipse across half frozen lakes
Just to set my world on fire?

Creeping dawn, leaping fawn.

Better snow than black flies,
All the better, my deer, to see you.
No frame could hold this picture.
Guess we'll just have to be here.
Draw moustaches on the saints in tears.
Life isn't as damned as it appears.

Creeping dawn, leaping fawn.

You don't believe in ghosts until your haunted
And the sea inside swirls in a frightful tide.
Just when you get those demons exercised,
You recognize the ghost inside looks an awful lot like you.

Dans les collines pas loin d'ici,
Dans les rayons d'un soleil faible,
J'entends le vent et les corbeaux
Et j't'attends sans espérer.
Pi lorsque j'prends la route chez moi,
Je t'évoquerai d'un ton tout bas:

Creeping dawn, leaping fawn.
Creeping dawn, leaping fawn.